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Vyri Yang is an interdisciplinary designer. After graduating from the University of Science & Technology Beijing with a Bachelor's in Engineering, she worked as a Visual Designer and Web Architect Engineer at the Municipal Commission of Tourism Development Haidian District Beijing for a while. She attended the Academy of Art University from 2014 to 2017, graduating with a Master of Fine Arts in Fashion Design. She won the Bronze A Design Award in fashion, apparel and garment design category in 2016-2017 period. She became a Candidate for Doctor of Design in Fabricative Cultures: Materials & Technology at Louisiana State University and works as a primary instructor in 2018.  Her research expertise dedicates to exploring experimental design workflow by combing computer graphic programming and design methods. In 2021, she decided to withdraw from academic research and re-pursue a career in industry. She is currently working as Product-Web Designer.


Her portfolio includes some of the works that finished at her university, including fashion design, digital design, installation art, performance art, motion picture, fashion styling, photography,  and beauty. 

From the introductions of production, you can find her process of producing these works from careful observation to meticulous production and the great joys brought to her by each of them. Each work has recorded a story and a period of life and expresses her experiences of several weeks, several months, and even several years. Flipping over these pages and writing down her heartfelt words, she has seen the passage of time and the process of how her originality becomes the inspiration expression, melting ideas, risks, mistakes, lessons, thinking, and dream into her works just like a flower blooming, which takes her into her dream of becoming an independent designer.




Women’s Wear
Children's Wear
​Fashion Show Director
Fashion Show Casting 
Fashion Illustration


UX/UI Design

Web Design

Interactive Installation

Computer Graphic

Experimental Research

Conceptual Design






Figure Skating

Documentary Director


Traditional Instrument Pipa











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