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Spring 2016 Every Construction is Waiting for Destruction

I do not know who created me

My birth is representing the beginning of death

Step by step, I saw my demise

People greeted my birth with a warm cheer, then they’ve forgotten

I only have myself, my body, my thinking, and my sin

When I hid my body under the ruins, I learned to see things in the dark

Heartbeat, blood, and bone’s decay

I used a different kind of fear instead of fear

I started trying to escape

Thorns, glass, and wood pierced my skin

I saw a little bit of sunshine from the broken gap, the light hurt my eyes

People began to despise my ugly look, and me too

Eventually they cleared the ruins, and no one noticed that I am exposed to bright light

I was forgotten in the sunshine

Birth and death, happiness and sorrow, dreams and nightmares

Everything I've ever experienced just satisfied my desire of the curiosity about the world

My desire created my birth

At this moment, I wish death could come earlier than tomorrow

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