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Personals Assistant is a social network software attaching to the RenRen, which intend to make an efficient way for users to search for information and analyze the characteristics of their friends.

The software has a large quantity of database for characteristic analysis; it could do test running for such pictures that contain human face information independently. The database will be updated through internet promptly.

Moreover, by connecting the software and RenRen, the face recognition for a single picture will be done on the internet, after confirming the information of users and analyze the characters throughout the image, the users could make a comprehensive understanding of friends who they care about.

The searching region of the software is based entirely on the respect of users’ settings in the RenRen, which only the initial information is allowed for the search.

Undergraduate Coursework.

Designed in Spring 2011.

Interface Design and Web Architecture Engineering offline feasibility demo:

Interface Design and Web Architecture Engineering May 2011 offline feasibility demo
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